Yoast SEO 20.0 Update 2023 Makes Big Transformations

Yoast, a popular SEO plugin for WordPress, has just released a new update that changes the way users interact with it. 

The new version, 20.0, has a new layout and design that aims to make it simpler for users to optimize their WordPress website

New User Interface

The latest version of Yoast, version 20.0, has changed the way its users interact with the software. Instead of having to click on multiple tabs to access different options.

The new version has a new design called a “card-style interface.” 

This new design presents all the information in a clear and organized way, with each category having its own row and different options represented as cards. 

The user can easily turn on or off different features by clicking on the cards. This new design is simpler and more intuitive to use.

The structure of the settings page is like this:

Setting Category

Card – Card – Card

Each card displays a picture at the top, followed by a description of the setting. At the bottom of the card, there is a switch to turn the setting on or off, and a link labeled “Learn More” that takes you to a webpage from Yoast with more information about that specific setting.

A Yoast Settings Card

When you look at the settings on a device, you might see some options that are coloured and some that are not. 

The coloured options are turned on, and the grey options are turned off. 

This makes it easy to see which settings are currently in use at a glance, without having to click through different tabs or scroll through long lists.

It’s like a quick overview that makes it easy to understand your device’s settings. The settings page also has small cards for each setting. 

These cards have a short explanation of what the setting does. If you want to know more about a setting, you can click a “learn more” button to see a webpage with more information.

Yoast API Integrations Page

There is another page called “API Integrations” which has a similar layout. It shows you different tools you can connect to your device and make it work better together. 

For example, you can connect a tool called Yoast to another tool called Elementor, and turn on that connection. This makes it easy to see what connections are available and turn them on or off.

Yoast 20.0 is a new version of the popular SEO plugin that has been updated with a fresh new user interface. 

The initial setup of the plugin is very user-friendly and easy to use, even for those with little to no knowledge of SEO. 

The new design is well-organized and intuitive, making it easy for users to navigate and find the information they need. 

Additionally, the plugin provides helpful background information with just a click, making it accessible to users of all knowledge levels. Overall, Yoast 20.0 is a great tool for those looking to improve their website’s search engine optimization.

Thijs de Valk, CEO of Yoast shared: “I’m really proud of what the team has built in the Yoast SEO 20.0 release. …Our new user interface shows we’ll keep delivering the best possible experience to our users.”

I completely agree that Yoast SEO 20.0 is a significant advancement and a great improvement. The changes made in this version are going to be highly beneficial for users and will greatly enhance their overall experience. 

The new features and updates will make it easier for users to optimize their websites for search engines and drive more traffic to their sites. Overall, Yoast SEO 20.0 is a game changer and users are sure to appreciate the effort that has been put into this release.

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