Navigating the LinkedIn Landscape: A 2023 Guide for Businesses and Advertisers

LinkedIn will unveil new statistics that provide insight into the current status of the platform in 2023, including data that is specifically useful for those in marketing and advertising.

LinkedIn is providing marketers and advertisers with the most recent data available, which includes metrics on user engagement, trending content and the overall progression of the platform. 

This information can assist companies and advertisers in making informed choices about how to effectively target and interact with their desired audience on LinkedIn. 

Additionally, it can offer a glimpse into how the platform is evolving and changing, enabling marketers to tailor their approaches accordingly.

LinkedIn provides a wealth of data that businesses can use to make informed decisions about their marketing strategy on the platform. 

This data includes metrics on user engagement, trending content, and the overall evolution of LinkedIn. This information can be particularly useful for businesses looking to justify the importance of LinkedIn as a marketing channel. 

Additionally, this data can be found in LinkedIn’s report, which is organized into three categories: General, Organic and Paid. 

These statistics are based on LinkedIn’s own data and can be used to measure the reach and engagement of a company on the platform.

General LinkedIn Stats

  • LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that has a vast user base of over 850 million members across more than 200 countries and territories. 
  • Companies also have a significant presence on the platform, with over 9 million companies having a LinkedIn Page. 
  • Many of these companies are active on the platform, with 2.7 million LinkedIn Pages posting at least once a week. 
  • Additionally, the platform has seen an influx of content creators with 11 million members turning on LinkedIn creator mode since its launch in March 2021. 
  • The platform also has a vast array of professional skills listed on member profiles, with over 39,000 skills listed. 
  • Furthermore, companies on LinkedIn are increasingly using skills filters to identify job candidates, with over 40% of companies relying on them. 
  • In recent times, B2B marketers have also been using LinkedIn as a key distribution channel for their content, with 96% of B2B marketers using it in the last 12 months. 
  • Additionally, many of these marketers have also been paying to distribute their content on LinkedIn, with 80% of B2B marketers doing so.

LinkedIn Organic Engagement Stats

  • On LinkedIn, engagement with Pages is high, with 40% of visitors engaging with them organically on a weekly basis. 
  • The platform has also seen an increase in events, with LinkedIn members scheduling 176% more LinkedIn Live events YoY and a 75% increase in the number of spontaneous LinkedIn Live events. 
  • Members are increasingly creating and attending virtual events on the platform, with 150% more annual virtual events created in 2021 than in 2020 and 231% more members attending these events. 
  • Furthermore, LinkedIn members are viewing 22% more Feed Updates in 2022 YoY. 
  • Companies that are active on the platform, posting weekly on their LinkedIn Page, have a significant advantage over those that post monthly, with 5.6x more followers and their following grows 7x faster. 
  • The platform also sees a large amount of engagement with Pages, with members interacting with them more than 2 billion times per month. 

Additionally, the platform has a thriving newsletter ecosystem, with over 36,000 newsletters actively published and 29 million unique people subscribed to at least one LinkedIn newsletter as of April 2022.

LinkedIn Paid Engagement Stats

  • LinkedIn Marketing Solutions has achieved significant financial success, crossing the $5 billion mark in annual revenue for the first time in July 2022. 
  • The LinkedIn Audience Network offers marketers access to an extensive reach, with the potential for up to 9 times more monthly touchpoints. 
  • Advertisers on the platform also benefit from high engagement rates, with LinkedIn Conversation Ads delivering 4 times higher open rates and engagement rates compared to traditional email, and twice the engagement of Message Ads. 
  • Sponsored Messaging on the platform also performs well, driving twice as high open and engagement rates as traditional email. 
  • Brands that have advertised on LinkedIn have also seen a positive impact on their performance, with an average lift of 10-15% in short-term ad performance. 
  • Additionally, the platform’s ads have been found to be particularly effective in driving Brand Lift, performing better than other top platforms for both B2B and B2C brands (per a Nielsen study). 

In specific industries, LinkedIn has been found to generate higher returns on ad spend than other social media platforms, particularly in technology (2-5x higher per Analytic Partners Study) and education (2-4x more effective per Analytic Partners Study), and in financial services, LinkedIn generated 7x more incremental customer sign-ups than display media (per Analytic Partners Study).

Source: LinkedIn

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