How To Change YouTube channel Name 

YouTube channel name can be changed without affecting Google Account associated with it. But how?

Let us Understand Step-by-step.

Youtube permits the creators to change their youtube channel name and photos without affecting their google account name. The update applies only to YouTube. 

Now you can use two names in one account. One is for YouTube Channel and another name you can use to send email & messages from your Gmail account. 

In this YouTube chapter, you can learn how to Change your Youtube channel name without changes across all google accounts.

The Way to Change YouTube Channel Name On Desktop

Big Brands and Youtube creators’ account names can change Without spoiled Google account names.

You can apply these changes to either youtube studio or Mobile YouTube application.

Change YouTube Channel Name On Desktop

1. Sign in Youtube channel

It is a simple process to change the name of a youtube channel.

Click on your profile picture, which appears in the top right corner, and click on (Your channel) from the drop-down menu.

 Screenshot from, 16-09-2022

2. Customize your channel in YouTube Studio

Click on Customize Channel, and land directly on Channel Customization.

     Screenshot from, 16-09-2022

3. Change YouTube channel name.

When you Land channel customisation, Click on (Basic Info) in the top navigation menu.  

     Screenshot from, 16-09-2022

Now by clicking pencil icon, you get an option to edit your Youtube name, and after type name, click Publish Button, and The old youtube name will be replaced with a new one.

Screenshot from, 16-09-2022

How To Change YouTube Channel Name In Mobile

Changing your youtube name on mobile is the same process as on desktop. See below to understand step by step.

1. Open YouTube and click on Channel Page.

Open your Youtube channel account, click on your profile and then click on (Your Channel) option from the drop-down menu.

Screenshot from, 18-09-2022

2. Edit Your Channel Name

Click on pencil icon.

Screenshot from, 18-09-2022

You get channel settings, and here you can change the name of your YouTube channel and some other elements.

  • Change your YouTube profile picture 
  • YouTube channel name
  • You can add and Change the Youtube Channel Description 

And Privacy Option, where you control subscriptions private and all playlists private.

     Screenshot from, 18-09-2022

3. Save changes channel name.

After typing your new channel name, you need to confirm it by clicking on OK button, and old name will replace with new one.

Why My Youtube Channel Name Is Not Changing?

Having trouble renaming youtube channel. It happens when you have already changed the name of your channel three times in three months. According to Youtube policy, name can change three times every 90 days.

Therefore, to change the channel name again, you will have to wait for 90 days from the day of last change.

An Important thing does not Rush to change your youtube channel name until you get unlimited access to your profile name editor.

Find names about your niche, make a name list and think deeply about it. 

Most importantly, if you change your youtube channel name every few months that can make a bad impression on your subscribers. They can also unsubscribe you.

A Crucial Note For Verified YouTube Channels

Verified Creators should be aware of their checkmarks. They can lose them if they change their youtube channel name.

It is designed to protect youtube channels from copying other channels.

But after changing the name, creators can get back their channel checkmark. You need to apply for it again. This will take a while, that’s why you should work on it before you change.

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How to Change a YouTube Channel URL

Changing your youtube name does not impact their URL. But you change that by following a separate set of steps. YouTube gave a Custom option to set channel URLs three times a year.

Custom URLs in the sense that YouTube suggests URLs to creators based on their channel names, And we have to choose one of these.

This custom-type process is built to prevent creators from having potentially misleading URLs.

Here’s a set of step-by-step instructions on how to change the YouTube URL.

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