Meta Verified Subscription For Facebook and Instagram

Meta has introduced a new bundle called “Meta Verified,” Which provides users with a range of services such as account verification, protection, support, and visibility in exchange for a monthly subscription. 

The Meta Verified is designed to simplify the process of boosting online presence and improving user security by merging multiple essential services into a single package. 

This offering is unique as it allows users to access advanced verification tools, protect their online accounts, receive priority support, and increase their visibility on the platform through one subscription.


  • Meta is preparing to introduce a new subscription bundle called “Meta Verified” on both Instagram and Facebook.
  • The “Meta Verified” bundle includes various features such as a verified badge, proactive account protection, access to account support, and increased visibility and reach.
  • Despite the benefits of the “Meta Verified” bundle, certain users have expressed negative opinions regarding its launch, believing it to be a “cash grab” and lacking in originality.
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Mark Zuckerberg, the head of Meta, has announced that the company will test a new subscription bundle named “Meta Verified” on Instagram and Facebook. 

This bundle includes various features, which will be available during the trial period.

Meta’s subscription bundle will offer the following benefits during its testing phase on Instagram and Facebook:

  1. Verified Badge: This is a special symbol that authenticates the user’s account and confirms their identity with a government-issued ID.
  2. Proactive Account Protection: This feature will help prevent unauthorized access to the user’s account and protect it from suspicious activities.
  3. Account Support: Users will have access to account support to help with issues or questions that may arise while using the platform.
  4. Increased Visibility and Reach: This feature will help users increase their presence on the platform and reach a wider audience, potentially increasing their popularity or brand awareness.

How to Access Meta Verified

To use the features of Meta Verified, users need to pay a monthly subscription fee. Right now, the service is being tested in Australia and New Zealand to see if it’s helpful. If it proves to be useful, Meta plans to make it available to users worldwide in the future.

Meta Blue badge Verification Pricing

In Australia and New Zealand, people who want to be meta-verified can buy it directly from Instagram or Facebook. The price of the subscription is $11.99 per month if you buy it on the web and $14.99 per month If you buy it on your iPhone or Android phone.

Eligibility Requirements

Accounts must be active and at least 18 years old to be eligible for Meta Verified. Additionally, applicants must provide a government-issued ID that matches their Facebook or Instagram profile name and photo.

Meta has promised to provide proactive monitoring for account impersonation and will continuously monitor and investigate reported violations.

Meta Verified is part of the company’s mission to broaden access to verification while creating a valuable subscription service for users.

Important details to know about Meta subscription

  1. The level of visibility a Verified subscriber gets may differ depending on the size of their audience and the content they post. Those with smaller audiences may see a greater impact on their reach.
  2. All subscribers must follow the platform’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines, and their content will be subjected to existing guidelines for recommendations and content.
  3. Meta subscribers can access exclusive stickers for their Instagram and Facebook Stories, as well as Facebook Reels. They can also receive 100 free stars per month on Facebook to support other creators.
  4. Businesses are not currently eligible to apply for verification.
  5. Only supports real names on user profiles. If a user changes their profile name, username, date of birth, or photo, they will need to go through the Meta Verified subscription and verification process again.

Criticism of Meta Verified

The announcement of Meta Verified has received criticism, with some users calling it a “cash grab” and a copy of Twitter Blue.

Both services offer verified badges, increased visibility, and exclusive features, but Meta Verified gives you a badge on both Instagram and Facebook, while Twitter Blue is only for Twitter. Critics say Meta is trying to make money from features that should be free. 

Some users are also questioning why Meta is only testing the service in Australia and New Zealand and whether they are committed to their global user base. 

It’s too early to tell if users will find value in Meta Verified since it’s only available in those two countries for now.

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